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Hello and welcome to Supple-Flex Mobile Massage!

The sole focus of this site is to provide you with the information necessary regarding my Sport & Deep Tissue Massage Therapies.

Massage is sometimes seen as a luxury to most, which can be true. The difference between a spa-related massage to a deep remedial tissue massage, is that the aim isn't so much for relaxation purposes, but more so for enabling a body to endure the everyday stresses we place upon it.


Whether you work in an office, a more active job, or even play sports, the body is constantly working to get through the day as optimally as it can. Sometimes though, the strains we place on it can greatly impact on the capacity to perform these jobs, chores, sports, and requires a little M.O.T to get it back fighting fit again.


Remedial massage provides you with a deeper pressure than usual to the targeted muscles, causing them to relax and receieve a fresh, nutrient-rich blood supply, whilst smoothing any knots and tight spots experienced. Results are felt almost immediately.



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